Mindfulness and meditation

There is no blueprint for meditation – every time it is different. Of course there are tried and tested techniques used by millions of people daily since more than two and half thousand years ago. But they are only a guidance; helping to still the body and mind.

Learning how to be mindful and how to meditate will help you in many ways. It can become a stress-proof device, a pain management programme or simply it will make you happier. When needed you can be still and be in an oasis of calm; at other times you can dynamically engage with your work and enjoy the flow.

In order to fully benefit from meditation practice, you need to make a commitment to yourself – just half an hour a day if done on regular basis will give lasting results. Slowly but surely the practice will transform your life – you may not be able to change the facts but your perspective will change.

Our mindfulness meditation practice is rooted in Zen tradition, pure and simple. You don’t need to believe in anything, and it does not clash with any belief you may have. So give it a try – come to one of our courses!