Zazen (meditation) and talks

Meditation is a simple and natural activity which helps to focus mind and to maintain mental and physical health. In practical terms we explain, demonstrate and exercise four meditation postures and two fundamental meditation techniques. This is a non-sectarian approach which also explores links to mindfulness. There is an opportunity for a more in-depth study and one-to-one interview with Zen Master.

Zazenkai with Barbara Jikai Gabrys

Zazenkai, a one day retreat, is a day devoted to focusing mind and introspection. For dates see below:


Past retreats: 1st December 2018 – Zen poetry retreat:

Zen is a way of life which aims to act with awareness in every single moment of time. Being fully in the moment and present in a place is beautifully captured in Zen poetry. It is more suggestive than explicit, and goes beyond the limitations of time and space.

Maximum number of places: 12

What is the code of conduct during the retreat? Here it is:

Practical information about the zazenkai

A one-day retreat – or zazenkai in Japanese – is a time of intense Zen practice when we turn our awareness inwards. When you have committed to this day, you may be sacrifying your free time or time with your partner or family.

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Zen for well-being

Drop-in mindfulness meditation sessions

Mindfulness meditation practices are simple and rewarding: their benefits include lowering stress, managing chronic pain, anxiety and anger, improving capability to relax and autoimmune response. Even on an ad-hoc basis you can notice positive changes – however more lasting results will be achieved with continuing practice.

This series of stand-alone meetings is a continuation of the course ‘Focus your mind: Zen for health and wellbeing’. Every meeting includes a short talk, discussion and gentle mindful movement followed by a group meditation. There are no prerequisites as full instructions on how to meditate will be given at every session. Comfortable clothing is advised; sitting on chairs or meditation cushions. There are handouts, guided meditation scripts to accompany each session as well as a short list of reference sources.

Session fee: donations only. Suggested donations: £4 – £8 per session

Further enquiries and register of interest please email:

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