Zen space in modern life

“We teach ourselves; Zen merely points the way.”
D. T. Suzuki

Zenspace grew organically over the years under the influence of eminent teachers which shaped its current form. Modern life presents constant challenges: it is not easy to find out our place in the Universe.  And to find joy and contentment in simply being alive.

A sustained meditation practice – zazen – focuses the mind. It leads  to achieve concentration, clarity of mind and decisiveness in action. Sitting practice is complemented by dynamical meditation, work-oriented as summed up in the Japanese word ‘narikiru’. Loosely, this word means to become one with an activity.  Being fully present at the given moment, and cut off distractions. This is in accordance with Rinzai Zen ethos where every moment is lived as it comes.

This is the basis for more advanced practice – to find out our place in the Universe and interconnectedness of all sentient beings.  We call it ‘Zen space’ reached through kensho (or satori). In this quest we are guided by compassionate wisdom, symbolised by Kannon Bodhisattva, the Awakening One.  Formal Zen training can help to become enlightened, and to effortelessly help others.


Zazen  (meditation) and well-being: drop-in sessions will resume in Trinity Term 2020

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All are welcome – donations are welcome

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Informal meditation in Kannon-an, Wolvercote, Oxford OX2 or with Tumbleweeds group.  Free.

Ring or email for dates and address details.

Zazenkai – Day retreats:  4th April 2020, Oxford

23rd May 2020, Sheffield

Zen expressions as a code of spiritual development

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