Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are of essence for our living. In highly-pressured modern times stress and hastiness take a toll on our health. Too rarely there is time for reflection, for stopping to look at the sky, for taking a coffee break with a work colleague. Often our high workload leads to multitasking that does not work, and only creates additional stress – our wellbeing suffers.

Mindfulness and meditation course, be it classical eight weeks long or a shorter one, helps to bring order into chaos. Meditation practice if done regularly and maintained over time brings a wealth of health benefits, both physical and mental. Our approach to teaching is tiered: the first layer is secular, the second layer links more closely to the spiritual development. Both are based on paying attention to three factors: correct breathing, posture and the balance between tension and relaxation. Download Zen meditation and mindfulness for modern times by Barbara Gabrys and Julian Daizan Skinner

What you can do: